Dog Grooming Services

At The Grooming Lodge we are pleased to make available for you a choice of Grooming Services for you to choose from.  Whether your pet is a puppy or an older dog we can fully cater for them.

Freshen Up

Two shampoos and a conditioner if required, followed by a blow dry and a full brush out of the coat.  Perfect for the mucky pup!

Tidy Up

After a bath and dry we will attend to the nails, hygiene area, and ears. To keep your dog looking clean and tidy, the hair can be trimmed between the eyes and a tidy up around the paws.

Full Groom

The complete package:

  • Basic health, skin and coat examination
  • Bath and blow dry by hand
  • Nail trim
  • Ear clean and trim
  • Body clip
  • Hand scissor finish


Ideal for the dog that moults a lot! We use a high quality organic de-shedding shampoo, which helps remove excess hair, followed by a ‘blast’ of the coat with a high velocity dryer.

Hand Stripping

Fully trained in the art of hand stripping wire hair coated dogs in order to maintain the natural colour and texture of the coat.

Puppy Grooming Intro Sessions

Introducing your puppy to dog grooming services at an early age helps make the dog grooming experience an enjoyable and stress free experience throughout your dog’s life. This is a 45 minute session where your puppy will be able to use his senses and explore the sounds and smells of the grooming environment. Your puppy will be introduced gently to some grooming procedures such as nails, feet, face and hygiene trimming.

The Older Dog

Older dogs still love feeling fresh and clean, but sometimes need a little more time, or need a little more attention around their own particular needs. The Grooming Lodge will allow extra time in your appointment for rest breaks. We will work at the pace your dog is most comfortable with.

Matted Coats

Many dog’s coats are prone to matting. Matting often occurs in areas of friction such as behind the ears, lower legs and armpits.  Moisture, dirt and debris catch up in these matts and can result in irritation, infection and painful pulling on a dog’s skin.  Dogs that sit a lot can get matting from the fur compacting and also lack of grooming can cause tangles and knots.

We can remove some smaller matts and tangles but in the cases of severe matting our primary concern is with the welfare of the dog. In some cases the only remedy we can advise is clipping off the affected areas to keep the dog free of any discomfort and pain.

To avoid matting we will advise owners on regularity of dog grooming appointments as well as home brushing products and routines if required.

Natural, Organic Shampoo

The Grooming Lodge uses Tropiclean shampoos which are made with natural ingredients for a fresh, happy, healthy dog.  These shampoos are made with 100% natural ingredients (70% of which are organic).  Not only are they gentle on your pet they are great for the environment.  Each Tropiclean bottle is fully biodegradable.

We have a selection of shampoos and will use one specific to the coat and skin of each individual dog.  Your dog will be shampooed twice during their bath to ensure thoroughly cleaned and conditioned as required.

Toys and Treats

We want your dog to love visiting The Grooming Lodge.  We prefer to groom fewer dogs per day so that we can get to know each dog individually.  To achieve this we schedule our appointments so that nothing is rushed. We will groom at your dog’s pace, allow a little time to play with a toy and of course have the odd treat (with your permission!).